Mining Problem


 Pit Mining:

Enter the ore samples by dragging out their shapes in the grid below - click the mouse down at a point where you want to begin drawing a shape, drag the mouse along the shape, and release the mouse button and the application will close the shape for you. Submit the problem to the server by pressing the Submit button. When the server is done, the blocks that should be mined will be shown in blue.

If you make a mistake drawing an ore sample, you can remove it by clicking on the Delete Last button. If you wish to remove all of the ore regions, click on the Reset button.

You can vary the cost to remove a block or the value of a block of gold by typing in the values in the Cost and Value text boxes Similarly, you can change the height and width of the grid via the Height and Width text boxes. After changing any of these text boxes, click on the Update button to cause the change to take effect.

Confused? - Please take a look at the more detailed online instructions.



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