RIOT -- Remote Interactive Optimization Testbed

Ilan Adler Ken Goldberg Dorit Hochbaum
Major League Baseball Fixture Net HPF-Hochbaum's PseudoFlow Algorithm
Planar Robot Simulator with Obstacle Avoidance Parametric HPF - An Implementation
Feeder Design Applet Single or Multi-frame Image Segmentation with Network Flow Algorithms (HPF as subroutine)
Grip Design Applet An Efficient Algorithm for Co-Segmentation
Recommending Jokes with Collaborative Filtering Major League Baseball
Edge Connectivity
Facilities Layout Applet/Application
Convex Hull
Graph Algorithms Applet (GRAAL)
Linear Program Solver with Simplex
Maximum Flow Algorithms
Minimum/Maximum Cut
Open-Pit Mining
Scheduling Problems

Vehicle Routing Algorithms

Basketball Elimination and Clinching
Financial Portfolio Problem (No longer maintained)

About RIOT RIOT is a new offering for the WWW audience providing interactive educational and research tools for optimization problems.
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The National Science Foundation has provided supplemental support for Professor's Hochbaum's award No. DMI-9713482 as part of "Research Experiences for Undergraduates."

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